Accordion Archival Box Dividers

January 17, 2018

As New Yorkers, we understand that space is of the essence and that often times multiple objects, or people, must co-habitate inside the same structure. This was no different when it came to housing The Faunae Insectorum Germanicea collection at Princeton University. The Faunae Insectorum Germanicea is comprised of 110 individual slipcases each containing about … Read More

A Bookbinder’s & Book Enthusiast’s Guide to New York

August 29, 2016

New York is full of cultural and historical sites.  From the Met, to the Statue of Liberty and everything else in between.  With so many places and neighborhoods, we understand it can be difficult to navigate which is why we have compiled the guide below.  This is far from a complete list, so please feel … Read More