Hanwell Data Logger & Anoxiabug Products Presentation


October 24, 2018    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


330 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11211

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You Don’t Want To Miss This

Come learn about Hanwell Data Loggers & Anoxiabug Products at TALAS.

Learn why Hanwell data logging equipment is vastly superior and critical to collecting reliable data for your institution, or advisement to your clients.  All Hanwell equipment is made in the UK, on enterprise level manufacturing and technology.


Come and learn from Derek Richardson a Hanwell engineer.  Derek is a world authority on wireless environmental monitoring systems. His experience with environmental instrumentation has assisted Hanwell in developing a worldwide reputation for leading wireless monitoring and control technology in sectors as diverse as Logistics, Heritage, Hospitals and Heavy Industry, with clients ranging from supermarkets and distributors to The British Royal Palaces and The Vatican!


Hanwell Data Loggers for the museum market include temperature, humidity, light.

What are anoxiabugs?

Anoxic treatments are based on sealed bags and oxygen scavengers.  The AnoxiBug is the first product of its kind that can eradicate damaging insect pests from organic materials 100% effectively without the need for expensive chemical treatments.  Learn more >

Don’t miss this learning opportunity!


Seats are limited — reserve your spot by emailing:  aaron@talasonline.com