Yep, it was that time of the year again…

Autumn arrives and bookbinders from all over the world converge at this much anticipated annual Standards of Excellence meeting.

This year the 3 day long meeting took place in sunny, dry Tucson Arizona.
(certainly a nice change of pace from cold & rainy NY)

As always, the board assembled an impressive lineup of presenters, including:

Michael Burke (Byzantine Binding)
Nancy Ruth Leavitt (In Search of Content, the Joys & Challenges of Creating the Book Form)
Martha Little (Book Forensics: Interpreting Evidence of Structure)
Jeffrey Peachey (Late Eighteenth Century French Binding Structures)


And also, as always, Talas, along with various other vendors exhibited some our goods. The vendor rooms were first only opened to participants, and later to the public & all book enthusiasts alike.

We were extremely excited to begin circulation of our newest Talas catalog, and not to mention share a number of new products with all of this years attendees!


More pictures (hopefully) to come soon!

But we’ll leave you with this cheery photo taken in Pheonix,
in the backyard of Starr Bindery.

Have some photos from the week in Tucson that you’d like to share on our blog?

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