How does one store a 79 foot long Temple Banner from the 17th century?

To accomplish this our customer engaged TALAS for advice.  The project was complicated by the need to wind the banner on two tubes starting at each end and meeting at the center.  The box needed to be made completely from archival quality materials, but also with great strength to protect something of extraordinary value and importance.

Below are a few images of the object in its original housing.

TALAS proposed a customized version of our T12 box design using our Heritage Corrugated Board, with integrated Tycore panels concealed into the walls, base and lid.  Tycore is a honeycomb panel made completely from archival paper, which is 1/2″ thick, incredibly rigid, and lightweight.  Building this material into the box would produce an enclosure of almost wooden strength!

TALAS would also design custom tube supports for each of the two tubes without movement within the box.  Each support had a bottom section which remains fixed, and a top half which lifts out so the scroll can be removed.  When the lid is placed on the box, the tubes and removeable top support are locked securely in place.

They said Yes!  TALAS went to work, and a few weeks later the previously impossible to store item in their collection was resting safetly in its new home.

Additional padding inside the box was added by the customer using other materials from TALAS such as archival tissue paper and Pellon.

Thank you to this customer for allowing TALAS to work on such a special and important project!


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Temple Banner (Bilampau) Depicting Avalokiteshvara’s Legends

Described in the Newari Version of the Gunakarandavyuha Sutra

Nepal; 17th century

Pigment on cloth


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