Gift Guide #2: BOOKS!
Give the gift of knowledge this year with one of our wide selection of books and DVDS, and who knows, maybe next year you’ll receive some fantastic handbound masterpieces in return for the holidays!

For the aspiring bookbinder, how about: How to Make Books; covers simple folding techniques to more elaborate leather binding that are all illustrated in an easy to follow manner.
Handmade Books DVD, is another great option. This DVD features easy to follow exercises include making single and multi-section books, photograph albums and notebooks.And how about something for the more experienced binder? Perhaps An Introduction to Gold Finishing or Edge Decoration would be a good choice.Now you may be asking, but what about my conservator friend? No worries, we have got plenty for them as well! Books ranging from conservation of specific disciplines, to general conservation principles.And if those topics don’t seem to cover what it is you’re looking for – how about something related to Marbling, or Photography, or perhaps Framing & Matting?People often say the best knowledge comes from your peers, and we certainly agree, but also believe that books come second to live presentations. So peruse our selection, and let your imagination take flight!

As always, please don’t hesitate to call or email is you have any questions.

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