The difference between Vellum and Parchment & the preparation of each.

September 24, 2019

What’s the difference between vellum and parchment? Parchment is a general term for an animal skin which has been prepared for writing and printing and can be any variety of animal, but is commonly calf, goat, or sheep. Vellum is derived from the French word “veau” meaning calf and refers to those skins specifically made … Read More

Mounting Parchment & Vellum

January 26, 2010

Materials Vellum: size of board + 40mm all around Board: 12mm Plywood Glue: Starch Paste Lining Paper: Standard (acid-free) 1. Line the upper surface of your board with lining paper – usually white or light cream, as it will affect the color of the vellum. Use Acid-Free paper for longevity. 2. Dampen Vellum on both … Read More