Last week was an exciting one for Talas, and in turn for you…
it was Zund training week in Germany!

The week began with 3 intensive days of Impact CAD instruction,
which is the program we will use to operate and plot on the machine.

Sure, lessons were tough… but we still found time for a bit of fun, and of course for sauerkraut!

After the 3 days, we weren’t quite Impact Masters by any means…
but we were at least competent enough to begin plotting away!

Below is a picture of a box we cut to specifically fit a notebook.
This box was drawn, creased, scored & cut with the Zund plotter all within minutes!

Assembly of the box was also quick & easy,
and not to mention yielded an extremely sturdy product!

To the left is an image of numerous custom boxes that have all been creased, scored and cut on the Zund plotter, and are ready for shipment.
As you can see, the lay flat design adds additional wall strength (sides are doubled when folded), and also saves a bundle on shipping costs!

These boxes have all been cut from our Heritage Corrugated Board.

Not yet familiar with this board?
If not, it is definitely worth checking out. We are certain you will be as thrilled with its archival quality and rigidity as we are.

Now that we are on the way to becoming Zund Masters,
expect to see production begin in early 2011!

Above is an image of 2 Zund machines hard at work.

And below are some examples of boxes and enclosures:

Germany was fun (but snowy), and training was great – but we are glad to have returned home to NYC where we can begin plotting away on our very own Zund!

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