How do you store a 79 foot scroll?

September 19, 2017

How does one store a 79 foot long Temple Banner from the 17th century? To accomplish this our customer engaged TALAS for advice.  The project was complicated by the need to wind the banner on two tubes starting at each end and meeting at the center.  The box needed to be made completely from archival … Read More

Making Usu Mino Paper

June 1, 2017

In a small rural town in the Kochi Prefecture of Japan lives Osamu Hamada and his brother Hironao.  They have been making paper their whole lives, a tradition which was passed down from their grandfather Sajio Hamada. Sajio Hamada was designated a National Living Treasure in 2001 for his Tosa Tengujo-shi Paper.   Today Hironao continues his legacy … Read More

Visit to St. Cuthberts Paper Mill

November 3, 2016

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of visiting St. Cuthberts Paper Mill.  Located in Wells, England this picturesque mill has been creating quality papers since the 1700s. This mill is fortunate to have one of the few remaining Cylinder Mould Machines left in the world.  It is now over 100 years old, and was … Read More

Visit to the St Armand Paper Mill

June 14, 2016

Jake and Marge the special opportunity on our return trip from AIC (American Institute of Conservation) Conference in Montreal to visit David Carruthers and Denise Lapointe at the Saint-Armand Paper Mill. Wow, this mill is great.  David was so gracious to take himself away from the beater to give us an informed and thorough tour … Read More

Zund Training by way of Germany

December 14, 2010

Last week was an exciting one for Talas, and in turn for you… it was Zund training week in Germany! The week began with 3 intensive days of Impact CAD instruction, which is the program we will use to operate and plot on the machine. Sure, lessons were tough… but we still found time for … Read More

Visit with Thornwillow Press

November 29, 2010

While most of us probably spent Friday at home, still recovering from all the turkey & mashed potatoes consumed the previous night on Thanksgiving… … a few TALAS folks avoided the imminent leftovers & headed up north to visit Thornwillow Press. Needless to say, we were extremely impressed by the scope of their operation and … Read More

In the Movies

November 9, 2010

Setting the Stage… (front door rings, Gwen – local artist & art director for various feature films- is buzzed in to 330 Morgan Ave and proceeds to Talas’ showroom on the 2nd floor) Gwen: I desperately need your help! I was in earlier in the week, and purchased some supplies for the movie I’m working … Read More

Guild of Bookworkers: 2010 Standards of Excellence

October 19, 2010

Yep, it was that time of the year again… Autumn arrives and bookbinders from all over the world converge at this much anticipated annual Standards of Excellence meeting. This year the 3 day long meeting took place in sunny, dry Tucson Arizona. (certainly a nice change of pace from cold & rainy NY) As always, … Read More

Botanical Painters Visit TALAS

November 12, 2009

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming the New England Society of Botanical Artists to our shop. Coming straight from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, the bus arrived delivering 33 botanical painters to our showroom for the purpose of talking, learning, and purchasing their own vellums & parchments. People often question the distinction between vellum … Read More

TALAS visits San Francisco

November 2, 2009

Thanks to this years Guild of Bookworkers show, TALAS had a fantastic excuse to head west and to spend some time in San Francisco last week. But before the show began, we had the opportunity to visit some customers…     Day 1: Straight from the plane, we made our first port of call at … Read More