The Vanishing Fore Edge Painting w/ Martin Frost Date
September 10, 2016
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
TALAS, 330 Morgan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

“A painting on the page edge of a book has been a novel form of book decoration for centuries.
When it is made to appear and disappear under gold it is particularly intriguing and never ceases to amuse.”

The class will begin with a short talk about the history and technique of creating a book-edge decoration.  Students can expect to take away their own gilt-edged book with a hidden painting. Some skill with fine brushes recommended, but it is not necessary to be a fine artist.  Bring watercolor paints (either tube or pan), a mixing plate, ruler, pencils, a water container and a variety of watercolor grade brushes including sizes 3 – 5.  Students are invited to bring a draft image of their choice in a 1:5 format.

fore-edge-2Students are welcome to bring their own suitable gilt-edged books and holding clamp. However specially created gilt-edged bookblocks can be purchased at $40 and quality workshop presses will be on loan and offered for sale at $65.
Specially printed workshop manuals come free with the course.

Fore-edge painter Martin Frost has been working from studios in West Sussex, England for 40 years.  He has painted the edges of well over 3500 books including examples of the scarce all-edge, split and two-way doubles and now binds many of his books too. He has written a workshop manual, published articles and lectured to many major organizations interested in the art and craft of the Book. He has appeared throughout the UK, Canada and the US from Boston to Atlanta, Chicago and throughout California. Recently he lectured at the 2015 Convention of the Society of Bookbinders at Keele University.  His work is to be found in many national and international institute and private collections.

For more information on Martin and to view examples of his work visit him at

This course is co-organized with the Guild of Bookworkers.

FEE:  $120 GBW members / $135 non-members
(Fee does not include the gilt edge text block that may be purchased from Mr Frost directly for $40.)

Class is limited to 16 students.

To register email Jill here: