Guild of Bookworkers

November 2, 2009

Standards of Excellence: San Francisco October 29-31 Every year bookbinders from across the country meet for a weekend of lectures, demonstrations, and purchasing fun! The location of the show varies from year to year, and from coast to coast. This year the show happened to take place in in San Francisco, and thus, was extremely … Read More

Beat to a Pulp

October 9, 2009

Your Short Guide to Paper Selection   Ever walk into an art store for some paper and get completely floored by the seemingly infinite number of options and indecipherable codes? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Below I will map the basics to help you decipher some of the foreign hieroglyphics of paper codes and … Read More

9″x11.5″ Davey Board!

September 21, 2009

Alas, an economical, manageable, and not to mention inexpensive way to get your hands on a bit of our Davey Board! Yes, it IS true, we now sell cut sheets of 9″x11.5″ Davey Board (in all thicknesses) And no, your eyes are not deceiving you! It’s just one of the many perks of our new … Read More

Liberon Product Line

September 17, 2009

  As some of you may have already discovered, TALAS has become a distributor of the Liberon product line! While adding the entire product line to our inventory was yet another feat, we are extremely excited to offer these fine materials! For more than a century Liberon products have been enhancing surfaces and enriching the … Read More

TALAS Gets a Guillotine!

August 7, 2009

So the rumors are verified. TALAS does in fact have its own guillotine!   Nothing ever seems to move quickly, particularly not when you weigh 9,000lbs, but after much shopping around & research we have indeed found our perfect match…   Built some 50 years ago, this machine is still rock-solid (and we’re not just … Read More

TALAS visits Brazil

August 6, 2009

As Talas shut their doors for the summer holidays, Marge & Jake took a trip down south of the equator to visit some of our customers & suppliers in Brazil. Marge & Jake are lovers of all things South American, and were excited to see some of our supplies in use first hand! First on … Read More

TALAS’ New Home!

August 5, 2009

For those of you who have followed TALAS from location to location around Manhattan know that we have perpetually been on the hunt for bigger & better warehouses to best suit our needs as the company has continued to expand over the years. While we loved our last location on 20th Street in Manhattan, it … Read More