We are extremely excited to introduce this line of decorative papers to our collection!

On a trip to the South of France this summer, we met Claire in her studio.  See our website HERE for more information.

This lucky selection of Canson & Hahnemuhle Ingres Paper sits on Claire’s shelves… waiting to be transformed into vivid, dynamic & sensational marbled papers!Papers are created on a variety of colored backgrounds, which create tonal differences and enhance each sheet.

Below, Claire designs the sheet of paper in her marbling bath using her extensive palette of colors & tools.

Claire is entirely self-taught, and each day is a new exploration for her. She is constantly experimenting with new techniques & methods, and studying various marbling styles along the way.

To the left, a sheet of Ingres paper is carefully placed on the finished design.
She uses mainly Oil Paints, which give each sheet a distinct look and feel.

After the sheet is placed, it is removed & rinsed (see images below). Finally, once a sheet is done, Claire waxes the surface to enhance its colors and to facilitate its use.

The final result is a masterful monoprint or sheet of marbled paper that photographs just don’t seem to do justice!

Claire Guillot’s Papers can be found on our website HERE.
They are selling fast, so get your hands on a sheet now, before they’re all gone!We are currently assembling a permanent line of papers with Claire. We expect production to begin immediately, and they will be listed on our website as soon as they arrive!Which is your favorite?
Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions:


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