Setting the Stage…
(front door rings, Gwen – local artist & art director for various feature films- is buzzed in to 330 Morgan Ave and proceeds to Talas’ showroom on the 2nd floor)

Gwen: I desperately need your help! I was in earlier in the week, and purchased some supplies for the movie I’m working on… remember?

Me: Yes sure, the one the where you had to stage an amateur book conservators bench… I helped you pick out some of the necessities.

Gwen: That’s the one! Well, now the director desperately wants a shot of type that reads “The Interpreter”. Do you have type?

Me: Sure! We sell brass type, and stock it in Edinburgh in a number of sizes.

Gwen: Can you lease or rent it out because we only need it for 1 scene, and the sets seem to be rather pricey?

Me: I wish, but this it’s an extremely delicate product, and even the slightest scratch or ding and I wouldn’t be able to sell it to a customer….

(deliberation… Gwen eventually leaves with a list of local letterpress shops and ventures off in her hunt for type).
Later that afternoon I receive a call from Gwen explaining that the producer would like to hire me that evening as a type handler (similar to that of an animal handler). I agreed, and we shot the scene after I set the type and never let it out of my sight!

Anyways, here are a few pictures from the set, the movie is called In The Family. Be sure to keep your eyes opened for it in the near future!

Isn’t it exciting when book arts make the big screen?

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