After literally years of chit-chat…

The ZUND G3 has arrived!

Digital Cutting System
Custom Box Making, and Board/Paper Cutting & Scoring

Are you anxious about all those custom fit boxes that desperately need constructing? Can’t find the time or the energy to make them? or the interns?

Let TALAS help, with our brand new Zund G3 that will allow us to custom make boxes to suit all your needs.

What makes our custom boxes different from
other archival boxes on the market?

The router driven software makes large and short run production hassle free and quickly made, without the need of expensive, custom made dies or equipment.

Our construction of these boxes truly makes them a step above the rest.

Choose between metal forged edges, or a tucked wall construction, providing extra rigidity and support when necessary (particularly on larger or weight bearing boxes).

A wide range of materials will be offered, including our full line of Heritage Corrugated Boards which has been regarded as the most rigid and dimensionally stable compared to other comparable corrugated boards. Other available materials include Coroplast, solid fibered board, museum board, paper, etc.

The materials used, in conjunction with the incredibly precise router driven cutter and scorer results in an unprecedented product of the highest quality.

We will also offer the widest variety of complex box styles ranging from clam-shells (laminated to your specified covering material: bookcloth, paper, fabric), to 2-piece boxes, to slip cases, and many designs in between.

None of our designs work for you? No problem. Just send us your template designs, and we can cut and score exactly to your specifications in your requested materials.

The large bed allows us to handle sheets of material up to 70″ x 98″ for the largest boxes on the market!

Ultimately, we would like our customers to see this machine as an opportunity to let your imagination run rampant. Projects that were deemed unrealistic, and unobtainable in the past due to either size or cost restraints may now become a reality!
Stop by our shop to see it in action, and…
… Say hello to your new best friend for 2011, the Zund G3!

Stay Tuned for more updates as the machine is installed!

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