At this point I assume everyone’s begun to get completely wrapped up in the regular holiday season jargon, as it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid. But who can complain, and who doesn’t love that warm cuddly feeling associated with this time of year?

Which is why we think you should consider getting cozy on your work bench this holiday season with your cup of spiced tea, and of course your brand new Scharf-fix Paring Machine!

But, maybe the Scharf-Fix isn’t for you, and you prefer a Brockman Paring Machine.

Whichever you prefer, treat yourself or someone else this year to one of these time-saving devices, and bring the thrill back into thinning leather!

Need some other leather paring suggestions?
Our Peachey Paring Knifes are presumably our highest end in the realm of paring knives. Crafted by hand, and sharpened to create a razor sharp edge ideal for paring leather.

Just beginning to work with leather, and not quite ready to take the plunge?
How about trying one of these paring knives. Since America seems to remain neutral in regards to varying tool styles – we carry ’em all! Including a new German Paring Knife, which is essentially a hybrid between the English & the French paring knives.

On another note, perhaps a Spokeshave might be most suited to your needs and style. Or, perhaps the simplest and most user-friendly of all of the tools – our Skife Knife.

More questions regarding these tools, or anything else we carry?
Feel free to contact us:

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