Recently we were approached by a Marbler looking for a new paper to use in his work.Frustrated by the predominance of buffering agents raping the surfaces of otherwise desirable papers for this artistic medium… he came to us, desperately seeking an alternative solution.At first, the “regular” marbling papers were discussed – to name a few:

… and then it dawned on us, BOND PAPER!

A newly sourced paper we introduced to feed the demands for a high quality unbuffered paper predominately for storage or printing when a buffering agent is undesirable.

Based on the complaints our marbler friend was expressing (namely to due to paper containing fillers that subsequently effect the penetration of ink into paper) it occurred to us that an unbuffered paper would potentially do the trick & solve these problems!

So, he bought a pack of Bond Paper to experiment with, and proudly sent us the end result…
which we believe speaks for itself.

Needless to say he, and other marblers alike, have been flocking to the newly re-purposed paper!


  • This paper performs very well for marbling — I've gone through a stack of sheets myself. However, for bookbinding, the weight of this paper makes it very difficult to work into the hinge area, and when it is, it is very stiff. I would recommend a 55-60lb text weight if the manufacturer has it available. Bookbinders will thank you. I'd buy it by the truckload.

    • Hi Edward, Unfortunately the Bond Paper has been discontinued. We are currently working to manufacture an alternative product that will be suitable for marbling.

  • I am starting marbling and would love to get a paper like this. Please let me know when a new version has been released.

    Thank you

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