Holiday shopping can be tough.

Need some gift ideas?

See our guide below to help find the perfect gift for those you love, like, or those let’s just say you’re obligated to gift.

To help you find the perfect gift, we have broken down each list into specific disciplines:  The Bookbinder, The Conservator, The Archivist, The Artist and The Collector.



The Bookbinder loves tools.  He/she probably already has a well equipped studio, but you can always use some additions.

LOVE:  Pragnant Stamping Machine
Thomas Book Press
LIKE:  Thomas Book Press
Japanese Push Drill
FINE: Japanese Push Drill










The Conservator works with great precision and control. Below are a few tools that we know they will love.  The Reskolux is remarkable in that is delivers perfectly uniformed light.  Our Light Sheets have numerous applications, and are always a hit.  The Casselli Spatulas are like paint brush to a painter – sure you can have just one, but you probably want the whole set!

Reskolux UV LED
LOVE: Reskolux UV LED
Flexible Light Sheet
LIKE: Flexible Light Sheet
FINE: Casselli Spatulas










The Archivist values organization, and what a better way to show them you care then by providing them the gift of methodized storage.  Mayline Flat Files a bit too large?  Try our Heritage Corrugated Print Boxes, or customize them here.  Use our Artifact ID Tags to ensure that everything is properly labeled!

LOVE: Flat File Cabinets
LIKE: Heritage Print Storage Boxes
Artifact ID Tags
FINE: Artifact ID Tags










The artist loves tactile materials that can help to stimulate the mind and promote creativity!  They also like to sell their work.  Help them do with our a beautiful Presentation Box.  Fine art paper is always a win – Try our new Saunders Watercolor!  The Glue-Bot is a great tool for the artist who likes to keep his hands clean.

Presentation Boxes
LOVE: Presentation Boxes
LIKE: Saunders Watercolor Paper
FINE: Glue-Bot (adhesive applicator)










The collector has an astute eye and can be challenging to buy for.  The Aspherilux is an incredible tool that has no hot spots, and is the perfect light to inspect works of art.  Given our neighborhood, we are a little  biased towards “Making History Bushwick”, but it’s truly a great project with so many talented artists included!

LOVE: Aspherilux Mini LED
LIKE: Making History Bushwick
FINE: Cotton Inspection Gloves









And of course… the one gift that spans the full gamut across both discipline and budget is always a Gift Certificate.


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